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Have you built your own Otto? Or any biped robot? Here is the space to share your makes and remixes ! Make sure to post a picture and/or video of them here.

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Hi Bill SCHONFELDER and Birger T this an idea to endorse Prusa printers, basically create an animated figure of their character Josef, using Otto DIY technology and code. Do you think is possible?
an updated Calibration Serial Sketch that supports also the Robot Lee's Head and with a testing mode to let the Servos run and don't miss the distance measuring to determine which distance the steps make. Have Fun..
Otto9_TestSerial Sketch Edit Feb.24.'21: Preprocessor doesn't compare characters, fixed the included config.h file. The purpose is to test the matrices and the sensors of an Otto. Read the comments for further information and how to switch to the recommended connections of the servos and the sensors. For trimming and testing the Servos use the Calibration sketch. For the Bluetooth setup and testing there is a sketch BLE_AT_Test, an extended version 'Otto9_BlueTest' will follow soon. When coding and testing the TestSerial Sketch I connected the 3,3 Volt to Pin A7 to have a constant on board testing/reference voltage. While coding the... (More)
Great video from @KevinMcAleer