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Remote control
Remote control

Having issues with installing the App or remote controlling your robot?

Share your questions or problems in this topic and we’ll be here to sort them out as community.

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Hola @Javier Sanz7 

Yes we are just documenting but just follow this steps.

Firmware code for remote control of Ninja, I just attached to your question, Libraries here

  1. Upload the code attached then Open App
  2. Press + Add new device
  3. Select Wifi point
  4. Select "OTTO NINJA" visible from the options
  5. Password is 12345678 

(Make sure to have wifi disconnected from other networks) and power Ninja with battery all time.

There is a problem with the bluetooth code that works on the application, call to disconnect the connection
Hi Bill SCHONFELDER and Birger T this an idea to endorse Prusa printers, basically create an animated figure of their character Josef, using Otto DIY technology and code. Do you think is possible?