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3D printing, robotics and programming

This is what I have been working on the last two weeks. I need help to make it into a balancing robot. Any one want to help? Right now it is controlled by a radio and receiver to do my tests. It is controlled by 2 esc speed controllers on two t geared 120 rpm motors. I replaced the steppers with these. It drives good, but it drives like a tank with individual stick control. The first picture is just a propped up version of what I am hoping it will someday be able to do. If you can help... (More)

Found this on you tube. My otto green screen.

Balancing Robot In Blockly


@Camilo Parra Palacio @Piers Kennedy @Birger T 

Piers is already working on his prototype, but I could easily make this with wood and wire.  Question is can this be programmed in Blockly.  Can it also use the 28by-j steppers I have on hand. 


Bork wants to share with you his mobility unit.

Made this for the community. Testing out my overhead video setup with camera remote.

Stls to soon follow.  Ask questions if you take it on. No parts lists.

All I know is that it works for Bork.